Hello, this is my home page.
You’ll find here stuff about computing mainly focused on old systems, such as the ZX Spectrum and other Z80 related stuff, MS-DOS and programming oddities in general.

Z88DK If you are interested in a Z80 cross-programming system, have a look at the Z88DK website.

My latest activities are in the minimalistic LISP and emulator ports and improvements sections.

The 'DSTAR' game is one of the z88dk demo programs, taken from the HP/TI caluculators' world. It is a very addictive puzzle, so I thought to port it to the modern systems. The zip file contains the sources (to be compiled with Allegro v.4) and a compiled EXE version for Windows; obviously it can be easily compiled for Linux too (just rename 'winmain()' to 'main()' and eventually adjust the graphics init call.

Recently I developed a tool (part of the z88dk project) to convert the z80 assembly code to 8086 mnemonics.   I tested it on an old BASIC interpreter.

ZX Spectrum Diagnostics with Z88DK: ZX Spectrum Diagnostics, and the Interface I ROM edition analyzer; if you discover to have edition three or unknown, please let me know !

ZXMMC Interface, SD/MMC card analisys with Z88DK: MMC analyzer

SVG converted graphics with Z88DK: a rabbit, a huge village and a hand-adjusted dithering demo.

Demo of the new draw_profile function for Z88DK.

Z88DK debug libraries now permit to inspect your Z80 CPU compatibility with the original Zilog one.