In this page I'm posting the emulator ports I worked on.
They're mostly incomplete, so watch out !
I couldn't reach the original authors.. guys, if you're still around please drop me a note (stefano_bodrato at hotmail) !!

The Marcel De Kogel P2000 emulator was written long ago, with a brillant driver oriented design. This permitted me to add quite easily a driver for Allegro 5; the driver is a bit a quick hackbut it permits some advanced trick (windows stretching, etc) and can be possibly ported on few more systems (Android anyone ?). 04/2014 - New release, slighlty better sound and timing and keyboard bugs removed.
Allegro 5 port of the Philips P2000 emulator by Marcel De Kogel,

ABC80: This is a quite dirty adaption of ABC80SIM, an SDL implementation mainly targeted to Linux. It permits loading .hex binary files, so it is useful for cross-development with z88dk.

Amstrad NC100/NC200: I could port the emulator by Russel Marks mostly by a compilation trick, I found the whole GTK library port for Windows and I just linked it in, then I substituted the original timer support with a call to the Windows delay routines. Later on (2014) I met a brillant nc100em extension by Nilquader including support of nc150 and the port to the SDL library which I extended to SDL2 and compiled for Windows with MinGw.
Tim Surtell kindly updated his pages with my latest hack..

ZX Spectrum: while experimenting with the FDD drive peripherals for the Spectrum to get an universal file driver for z88dk I noticed a hack for the FUSE emulator to connect it to a "floppy drive emulator" for the FDD3000. Unluckily it was still under development and the emulator patch was for an old FUSE version. I played a bit around it, now it links to the new FUSE structure and runs.. well, it tries to :)
Here's my patch for FUSE >= 1.1.1.,

Another idea I'm working on is to capture the ROM entries for the graphics statements and to capture them in a vector graphics SVG file.
It works sampling the dots... ...or the lines ! The patch is now part of the FUSE emulator!

I ported the FrontPanel v2.0 library to Windows ! This new entry is an updated version now also compatible with Visual Studio. The resulting library is much smaller and probably faster because it includes MMX optimizations. This port is already used in the z80pack project and it could be a beautiful improvement for the SIMH project as well. The static version of the library can be used in place of the dll, but you'll need to link in also ws2_32.lib, winmm.lib, opengl32.lib, glu32.lib, user32.lib, gdi32.lib, turbojpeg-static.lib. A working opengl32.dll or its emulation (see the MESA project) is required. If the program crashes try updating the video drivers.
The dg_nova_simh_frontpanel.tgz file is the Data General Nova emulator ported to Windows by me. It is linked to the John Kichury's FrontPanel library (see above) and includes a console improvement (still by John) permitting the BASIC interpreter to run. The startup folder is "rundir".