Experiments with Dave Dunfield's Microbasic

To test the AWK scripts converting assembly language from Z80 to 8086 mnemonics, I chose to try to convert the Dave Dunfield's Microbasic, originally written for the 8085 CPU and released in Public Domain (note that the recent version, written in C, is NOT a PD program).
One of the goals of such experiments was to demonstrate that with the Z80 it was possible to write program in a tiny model saving more space than with an 8086 (i.e. the 8086 misses the conditional RET instructions), but I was wrong.

Once substituted the division and multiplication loops with decent 8086 the latter became even smaller. The COM looks bigger only because of added functionalities (simple graphics, etc).

- 8086 port (extra functions) + manual
- z80 port (ZX Spectrum)