Old PC related stuff

I recently decided it was time to dig into my old floppy archives before they got lost.
I'm sure a lot of people did similar experiments but I couldn't find equivalent stuff on the WEB, so here it is !

Windows in a floppy (because MINIX was too easy)

Old video cards and drivers
- CGA, Hercules and similar things
- EGA and VGA devices

Small TSR drivers for DOS:

PR340.ASM is a simple and interesting way to intercept and filter the data for the parallel printer and redirecting it to the COM port. I wrote it in 1994 to support an Olivetti "margherita" serial printer (the PR 340) converting the font from Italian to the "12 10 LETTER G.458" module, which was in German.
If a fool still would wish to use it, he should set the COM speed to 300 bps and set the COUNTRY SELECTION switches as follows:
1 - UP
2 - DOWN
3 - DOWN
4 - UP